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SEO is crucial for driving traffic to your WordPress website, as 92.96% of the total global internet traffic comes from the Google search results.

To effectively reach your target audience and ensure that your WordPress content is reaching maximum online visibility, prioritising search engine optimisation is essential.

We know WordPress SEO like the back of our hands. Get in touch for a free website performance review and we’ll show you the right strategy that will make your website appear on top of the SERPs. No matter the size of your WordPress website, get in touch with our SEO Consultant for a bespoke SEO strategy.

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Expert WordPress SEO Services

Link-Building for WordPress SEO

Link-building is one of the most effective strategies to implement when you're trying to increase your WordPress website organic traffic and leads. We provide high-quality link placements to premium media platforms that will add value to your Domain Authority.

Local SEO Optimisation Plan

If you are targeting a regional audience, a strong local SEO strategy is what you need to outrank your competitors. WordPress websites have endless possibilities, especially when combined with a Google My Business optimisation plan, resulting to traffic increase and more organic local conversions.

WordPress Website Audit

Our team is here to provide the most comprehensive SEO audit for your WordPress website for FREE with no hidden fees. Our WordPress audit tools will give you access to data other agencies won't. Let us show you how to rank on the first page - get in touch with our WordPress SEO Consultant today.

WordPress Technical SEO

Trust our WordPress SEO agency to tailor a comprehensive technical SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and maximises your online presence. Technical SEO can be overwhelming for WordPress websites and ecommerce stores - let us do it for you.

You need our WordPress SEO Strategy if:


Low website traffic

If you have been running your website or e-commerce for quite some time and there are no visitors interacting with your content, products, or services then you're doing missing out on so many profitable opportunities. Let us create the right WordPress SEO strategy that will help your website be more accessible to your target audience.


Competitor Outperformance

Understanding why competitors are outperforming your site is crucial for developing strategies to enhance your own performance.: Competitors may have a more effective and comprehensive SEO strategy. This could include better keyword targeting, high-quality backlinks, and strategic content optimisation. We'll help you identify all these hidden opportunities.


Low Engagement Rate

Search Engines usually favour WordPress websites with high engagement rates. If you are struggling with this, you need an updated SEO optimisation plan that can turn things around. This metric often includes various aspects such as the time users spend on your site, number of pages they view, and their interactions with CTA buttons or enquiry forms.


Poor Organic Conversion Rates

The design, layout, and content of your landing pages on your WordPress website play a crucial role in converting visitors. If these pages are confusing, lack clear calls-to-action (CTAs), or fail to address user intent, conversion rates may be low or sometimes non-existent if there's no SEO strategy in place.

Our approach to WordPress SEO Success



If your WordPress website is experiencing minimal to no traffic from search engines, it's crucial create and implement a strong on-page optimisation plan. We start optimising existing content on your WordPress website, followed by new landing pages and blogs. Our content plan is always based on keyword & competitor research. Let us show you!



Digital PR and Link-building is a game change for any site. Having reputable links linking back to your main content will give you incredible search rankings and improved keyword visibilty online. We always get in touch with authoritative publications for relevant backlinks that will boost your SEO efforts. We combine guest posting with niche link placements for maximum visibility.


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WordPress SEO Plugins

At amphiSEO, we understand the dynamic nature of setting up, running, managing and updating a WordPress website. It’s the most effective and SEO-friendly CMS that could really help you rank on the first page without further complications, as long as you have the right plugins installed. Here’s what to remember:

👉 WordPress Plugin Security Issues

Plugins are an amazing way to automate tasks, resolve technical WordPress SEO issues, monitor your organic traffic, organise your e-commerce products etc. However, the more plugins you install, the more potential entry points there are for security vulnerabilities Security vulnerabilities are often discovered over time, and plugin developers release updates to patch these vulnerabilities. If you have a large number of plugins and don't keep them updated, your site becomes more susceptible to security threats.

👉Dependancy on third-parties developers

Developers may stop supporting or updating their WordPress plugins for many reasons, such as shifting priorities, security reasons, lack of maintenance resources or abandoning the project. If a critical security vulnerability is discovered in a plugin and there's no ongoing support, your WordPress website might be at risk and finding a solution could be time-consuming, resulting in less leads. Always do your research when it comes to WordPress plugins before installing them, choosing the ones that are well known, popular among users and provide on-going support.

👉Performance & Compatibility Plugin Issues

We know how amazing it can be to find a plugin for everything on your WordPress website. However, don't overwhelm your site by having too many installed plugins that could potentially impact performance and damage your Google rankings. We always recommend that our clients pay attention to the plugins they install so they don't lead to conflicts, such as features breaking, low speed, or even worse making your WordPress website crash.

UK WordPress SEO Agency

Regardless of whether you are managing an informational WordPress website, have a personal brand, run an affiliate site or an e-commerce store, a WordPress SEO strategy has the potential to drastically increase your website visitors and increase your profits. 

AmphiSEO’s WordPress Specialist can help by creating a comprehensive WordPress SEO strategy or offer support in various aspects, like technical SEO, content marketing or keyword research.

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WordPress SEO Services: Answering your questions

While it typically requires 6-9 months of consistent effort, the potential rewards include securing a coveted position on Google’s page 1. Achieving this involves strategic keyword choices and a budget dedicated to creating search-optimised content.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that no SEO company can offer a 100% guarantee on results. This uncertainty arises from the dynamic nature of search engines, especially with the regular release of new algorithm updates by Google. These updates can significantly impact search rankings and user experiences. This dynamic landscape underscores the importance of adaptability and ongoing dedication in local SEO campaigns.

WordPress SEO pricing depends on the size of your website, the technical performance and the amount of hours required to fix any performance issues, the competitiveness of your keywords and your overall business goals.

We have created a super comprehensive guide for SEO costs in the UK here, which goes into more detail about what you can expect for an SEO project.

Speak to our WordPress SEO Consultant directly for a quote.

There’s no specific timeline that determines the length of SEO projects build on WordPress CMS.

We recommend having an SEO strategy in place the moment you set up your website and publish the first page/blog.

If that hasn’t happened yet, we can help analyse your WordPress website and recommend a strategy that meets your marketing needs.

Speak to our team today for a personalised proposal and let us show the potential of your brand or business.

Absolutely! Link-building for brands and businesses of all sizes is something we do with with commitment to excellence, relationship building with top media platforms and with a customised strategy that will help you compete even for the most difficult keywords.

Learn more about our backlink services.

In today’s oversaturated market, having a WordPress website is not enough for people to find you. If you want to generate more visitors, increase your leads and revenue, it’s important to collaborate with an expert WordPress SEO Consultant that understands the competitive market landscape and can provide a customised SEO strategy. With more than 10 years of experience, we can help you increase rankings and revenue.

It all starts with a free website audit – request yours today!

There are many SEO agencies that promise the best rankings and traffic, but our data and results can’t lie. We believe our SEO Consultancy delivers excellent results for all our partners and we continue to learn and grow along the way, making sure we are up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes, SEO tools and share our expertise with brands who trust us.

We are the first brand-led SEO Agency and we love what we do.

Get in touch for an authentic discussion and let’s see what we can do for you. We don’t guarantee results, but we will guarantee we’ll do our best to find an SEO strategy that will make your brand stand out from the competition.