Is SEO Worth it for Small Businesses?

is seo worth it for small businesses

Is SEO Worth it for Small Businesses? Short answer – absolutely yes. Explore how SEO can be a game changer for your small business, helping you get more people on your website leading to more sales and increased brand awareness. First of all, why should you listen to us? With 10 years of SEO experience, we have […]

7 Real Life Target Audience Examples

what is a target audience

Target Audience Examples Before starting a marketing campaign, you must know who you’re targeting and have clear examples of your ideal customers. Let’s explore 7 real-life target audience examples and how they can help you  manage your business more effectively. What is a target audience? Put simply, a target audience is a specific group of people that […]

SEO Guide for Skincare Brands: Best Ranking Strategy

skincare seo

Skincare SEO Guide Social media isn’t enough – if you have a skincare brand or manage one, you’ll need to implement an SEO marketing strategy to get people on your website. The skincare market is booming and expected to keep growing in the coming years. A report by Fortune Business Insights predicts that it will […]

SEO Guide for Medical Aesthetics Clinics: How to Rank on Google

medical aesthetic seo guide

SEO for Medical Aesthetics Clinics Most medical aesthetic clinics invest in social media: if you want to outperform your competition, SEO marketing is your key to success 👩‍⚕️ How important is SEO for medical aesthetics clinics? SEO in healthcare and beauty industry is more important than you think.  In this super comprehensive guide, we’ll show you everything you […]

TikTok SEO in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

tiktok seo

TikTok SEO Guess what? TikTok is leveling up and challenging Google as a search engine. Crazy, right? 🤯 This means users can now explore a wide range of content beyond viral videos, right from the same platform. It’s a bold move that’s catching everyone’s attention and could reshape how we navigate the digital landscape. In […]

How much does SEO cost in the UK?

seo services

How much does SEO cost in the UK?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s the process of creating and optimising content (written and visual) to be discovered through a search engine’s results.  SEO has become an essential part of a digital marketing strategy for brands and business of every size. Understanding SEO and […]

How to Respond to Google Reviews + Examples

how to respond to google reviews

How to Respond to Google Reviews + Examples  As a business owner or media manager, you know how important it is to set up your Google My Business account and connect with your local target audience. Once your business starts growing on Google and you interact with different customers on a daily basis, you can always expect […]

MedSpa SEO A Guide for aesthetic clinics to Get Top Rankings

medspa seo

Medspa SEO | A Guide for aesthetic clinics to Get Top Rankings Are you an owner of a Medspa  trying to expand your business with SEO? With more than 10 years of organic experience, we are here to tell you exactly what you should be doing to rank higher on Google.  Follow our approach to […]

What is SEO Consulting? Behind the scenes of an SEO Consultant

What is SEO Consulting? The role of an SEO Consultant  An experienced SEO consultant usually combines skills like in-depth knowledge of Google algorithms, content creation marketing, analytical mindset and a keen understanding of user intent.  Their main objective is to increase a website’s visibility, drive organic traffic, and ultimately boost conversions and revenue for a […]