Medspa SEO | A Guide for aesthetic clinics to Get Top Rankings

medspa seo

Are you an owner of a Medspa  trying to expand your business with SEO? With more than 10 years of organic experience, we are here to tell you exactly what you should be doing to rank higher on Google. 

Follow our approach to create a strong SEO foundation and increase your website traffic and get more leads.

Medical Cosmetic is a highly competitive industry and you need a solid SEO plan to get Google to notice you.

Does your medspa business need SEO services?

Absolutely – all businesses need a digital footprint, specifically a strong organic foundation with keyword visibility that keeps increasing and generating valuable leads. 

If you own or manage an aesthetic surgery clinic, then you know how important it is to have a strong marketing plan in place in order to get the word out there in a market that’s constantly growing and evolving.

One of the best things you could invest in is SEO Consultancy.

Medspa SEO is the simplest, yet more effective way to attract customers that are looking for your services. When your potential client is searching ‘lip fillers near me’ or ‘dermaplaning’ in your area, then you want to make sure your website appears on those search results.

medspa seo

Why SEO for Medical Spas?

Let’s take a look at how a local result would look like when searching for ‘dermaplaning’ if someone is located in London: 

medspa seo

Google My Business will know where you are located and will only show you aesthetic medical clinics that are close to you. 

It’s now easier than ever for clients to either schedule a consultation with you, visit your website or get directions. The more information you share on your GMB profile, the more chances you have to rank.

This is what makes SEO extremely important for this type of business: your clients come to you directly with no need of additional advertising.

If done correctly, medspa SEO will be the only growth partner you need to expand your business, increase your ROI and work with your ideal clients that actually want to invest in your services.

Is your Medspa SEO friendly? Aesthetic Clinics need to do this ASAP

Apart from listing your medspa business on Google My Business, your next step should be making sure you have a fully optimised website that’s created to rank.

In case you haven’t, here is the easiest way to set up Google My Business – anyone could do it! Here are the first things you need to check to ensure your website covers the basic SEO:

Your Medspa website is mobile-friendly

There are no technical issues

It has a simple, yet effective navigation menu

SSL Certificate: Use HTTPS to secure your website. Search engines tend to favour secure sites, and it helps build trust with your users.

Lastly, one thing you shouldn’t forget to check (not directly SEO related) is something that many aesthetic clinic owners neglect: 

  • make sure your contact information is correct, so when someone wants to get in touch, they have the right email address or phone number to book their appointment or consultation!

Extra marketing tip: Ensure that your contact information, including the name, address, and phone number (NAP), is consistent and prominently displayed on your website.


If you are not sure your Medspa website covers these three areas, get in touch with our SEO Consultantfor a free audit! We have helped leading aesthetic clinics across the UK increase their keyword visibility and get more leads.

Investing in a strong SEO strategy is the most cost effective marketing plan you need to have in place.

Medspa SEO Services: On-page optimisation strategy to rank higher on Google 


After ensuring your website covers the basic SEO, then this is what you want to optimise on your medspa website:

  • Your page headings (H1, H2, H3). Remember that all your web pages need to be SEO friendly and include the right keywords in order to grow your visibility on search engine
  • Your URL structure: The same keywords that we use to optimise our headings, need to be included in the URLs of all webpages. The SEO rule in this case is super simple: We need short and keyword-rich URLs so we can make sure Google crawls our website and associates the content with what we want to rank for.
  • Your page content is relevant, up-to-date and engaging: Don’t forget to update your medspa website content regularly with fresh news or blogs from the industry or share any discounts or offers you might have in your clinic so we can post engaging and valuable content for our target audience.

Medspa Local SEO


Local SEO plays a huge role on your aesthetic clinic clientele; this is why your Google My Business should always be updated and optimised for search queries.


Medspa businesses usually serve a local or regional audience, so you need to make sure your website appears on the first page for that area.


Our clients have seen a significant traffic increase to their website after creating a dedicated landing page targeting their area. 


This needs to include specific keywords, so make sure you work with a trusted SEO consultant in order to avoid any mistakes that could penalise you online and ban your pages due to algorithm penalties.


List your medspa business in local directories


Apart from Google My business, don’t forget to list your MedSpa in local directories for increased backlinks and visibility.


Yelp is one of the most popular local apps that helps users find services of all kinds in a few seconds. You will be surprised to see how many bookings our aesthetic clinic partners have received with this simple strategy.


Keep in mind that you can use directories and local apps to boost reviews for boosted trustworthiness and credibility in your community. Don’t forget after every consultation or appointment to ask your clients to leave a review on Google My Business or on your app of choice.


Positive reviews from happy clients can be used as quotes that can be shared across your blogs for additional engagement.


Even bad reviews are a chance to build brand awareness and showcase your professionalism if you handle them in a positive way. 


Do not make the mistake of getting defensive when answering a bad review that an unhappy client left after receiving a treatment at your aesthetic clinic. 


You need to keep in mind you can’t always predict and plan your audience reactions even with the best marketing campaign plans in place.


MedSpa SEO: Content Marketing


Creating related content targeting your audience and your services is highly recommended if you want to rank on Google. This is why you need a strong, user-friendly and optimised content marketing plan that combines a keyword-rich approach while also showcasing your expertise.


We always create an initial 3-month content marketing strategy for our Medspa business partners and the results have been incredible. 


Creating valuable blogs and informational content pieces help you get ahead of your competition and updating your website with relevant material is something that Google loves to see.


If you decide to work with an SEO Consultant, you can either ask them to prepare an SEO Content Marketing Plan that aligns with your business goals or you can create the plan yourself and ask them to optimise it so you’re also involved in the process.

How your MedSpa clinic can benefit from link-building


If you want to go the extra mile and make sure you maximise your SEO efforts, apart from creating and publishing content for your own Medspa website, you could also manually reach out to publications and bloggers so they can review your services and link back to your site.


Increasing the number of links towards your site is one of the most effective strategies that we always recommend incorporating in your SEO Strategy. 


We have a list of trusted bloggers in the beauty and medical industry with a wide audience that are open to collaborations with brands. The key is to always work with publications that publish real, engaging content that can actually benefit you and the audience. 


Asking for engagement metrics before you work with an external publication should be part of your link building strategy. This is how our agency has avoided spammy links that could harm your website.


You can get in touch here if you’re looking to strengthen your domain authority with curated, relevant links.


MedSpa SEO Checklist: Step-by Step Optimisations for your Clinic


Here is the simple version of the SEO Strategy we recommend for MedSpa clinics. This is a great foundation to get started but it needs to be personalised to work.


Every SEO tactic outlined below needs to have a specific optimisation plan and implementation process in order to help your aesthetic clinic rank higher on Google.


For instance, after you create your Google My Business, you need to have an optimisation plan to make sure it appears to relevant search queries.



Hire a Med Spa SEO Agency

While learning SEO is possible for business owners, delegating tasks to an SEO consultant can save time. If you want to get on the first page of Google, send us a message. 

Don’t waste time on underperforming SEO campaigns and let us help you focus on identifying keywords that could actually get you real organic results.

Our experience and industry insights can help. If you made it this far, it means we have said something you like.

Grab your free medspa website review – get in touch and our SEO Expert will create a personalised website audit in a jargon-free report so you know exactly what steps to take for higher Google rankings.